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The booking is only final after the required advance payment has been made to the lessor and after a "Rental Agreement" form drawn up by the lessor is counter signed by the tenant. In signing the "Rental Agreement", the tenant declares to be aware and to agree to the "Rental Conditions".

The tenant undertakes to pay the total rent, in accordance with the "Rental Agreement" sent to him. An advance of 50% of the total rental amount must be paid to confirm the rent. The obligation to rent enters into force at the time of payment of the advance and after confirmation by the lessor and the tenant through the document “Rental Agreement”. The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 2 weeks before the start of the rental period. The lessor must have access to the payment on the date specified in the “Rental Agreement”.


If the tenant is negligent in his payment (s), the lessor has the right to terminate the rental at any time. If the rental agreement is concluded within 5 weeks before the departure date, the rental sum is due in one lump sum. The payment of the full rent then applies as a condition for drawing up the "Rental Agreement".

All the stated amounts include a VAT of 21%.

The vehicle must be picked up at the place, date and time as specified in the “Rental Agreement”.


Cancellation by the tenant must be done by registered letter. The date of postal delivery counts as the cancellation date. Upon cancellation by the tenant, the tenant owes:

  • up to o 10 weeks before the start of the rental period: 25% of the rent;

  • between 5 and 10 weeks before the start of the rental period: 50% of the rent;

  • from 2 weeks before the start of the

  • rental period: 90% of the rent;

  • from the start of the rental period: 100% of the rent;

  • for weekend rentals from the confirmation to the start of the rental period: 90% of the rental sum.

In the event of cancellation, the lessor will reasonably try to rent the motorhome for the same period or part of it. If that succeeds, the cancellation sum will be reduced proportionally, after deduction of € 250.00 administration costs and the necessary extra costs incurred.

The earlier return of the rented camper will never result in a refund of (a part of) the rent.

The lessor is obliged to make the camper available as follows:

  • Timely and in a state that complies with legal requirements;

  • In good condition and complete with any inventory and accessories;

  • With accompanying documents such as registration certificate, insurance certificate, instruction booklet;

  • With sufficient instruction in advance for using the camper.


The lessor is never liable for personal or material damage of the tenant or his travel group, caused by the use of the camper, mechanical failure and / or collision damage.

The tenant undertakes to use the rented camper and its equipment in accordance with its destination. When the camper is handed over, he is in a
perfect condition, otherwise an inventory is made between the two parties with a summary of imperfections. The camper must be delivered in the same condition at the end of the rental period. Any damage caused by the tenant will be reimbursed to the lessor who has the repair carried out and charges the costs for this to the tenant.

The tenant may neither sublet nor surrender his rights vis-à-vis the lessor.

The fuel tank must be full both when it is delivered and when it is returned. The consumption is entirely at the expense of the tenant.

If the tenant does not return the camper on the scheduled end date and time, he will owe a double rent for the additional days not provided for in the contract. A supplementary day is considered from the first hour after the scheduled moment of submission.

In the event of an accident, fire or theft, the tenant must complete all the necessary formalities (make the police prepare a protocol, draw up a
collision form, notify insurance, organize breakdown assistance ...). The tenant also immediately informs the lessor (lessor telephone number: +32 (0)
479.62.99.98). The tenant is liable for the aforementioned damage and the associated towing and transport costs, unless these cannot be attributed to him.

In any case, the tenant must contact the lessor to resolve mechanical defects. Defects or repairs repaired by the tenant on his own initiative and without the lessor's permission, in the broadest sense of the word, are never reimbursed by the lessor. The repair costs incurred after obtaining permission from the lessor are only reimbursed by the lessor after the tenant has handed over the original cost statements, as
well as the delivery of the replaced defective parts. Not being able to hand over the aforementioned bills and / or parts relieves the lessor of
compensation. Reimbursement of expense invoices paid in foreign currency is made at the average exchange rate of the relevant currency on the date of repair.

The tenant must be in possession of a valid category B driving license for at least three years and must be 23 or older. This can be deviated from, but the franchise will be reviewed in consultation with the insurer of the vehicle.

The tenant must have a permanent place of residence in Europe.

The tenant may not have been denied the right to drive in the last 3 years.

The tenant agrees that the vehicle will only be driven by drivers who meet the above conditions and that there will never be more than the legally permitted number of people in the camper. If, in the event of a claim, it appears that the tenant has not met the aforementioned conditions, the insurance company may exercise recourse against the tenant.

If one of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations, the other has the right to dissolve the contract in whole or in part. If however the shortcoming is of a special nature or of a small size, then that dissolution is not justified. There is the right to claim for compensation for any damage to on another, unless the shortcoming cannot be attributed to the other person.

Upon dissolution/partial dissolution due to a shortcoming of the lessor, he will fully/partially refund any rent and deposit paid. If the shortcoming consists of not delivering the motorhome or not delivering it in time, the tenant is also entitled to 10% of the rent, except for the right to full compensation, unless the shortcoming is not attributable to the lessor.

Should the lessor, due to force majeure, not be able to make the vehicle available to the tenant on the starting date, the tenant is not entitled to compensation. For the days not delivered, the tenant is then entitled to the same number of days completely free during the low or mid-season. Based on availability.

250 kilometers per day are included in the rental price. Additional kilometers are charged by the lessor at € 0.25 / km and included in the final bill.

The tenant pays a guarantee of 1000 euros at the conclusion of the contract. At the end of the rental period this guarantee is refunded to the tenant after deduction of any compensation for abnormal wear, damage or repairs not covered by the insurance. This guarantee is refunded at the latest 7 days after return.

If seizure takes place by the government because in the opinion of the government the lessor has committed an infringement, whether or not in bad faith or in good faith, the tenant is obliged to compensate the full material damage suffered by the lessor. The judicial or extrajudicial costs incurred by the lessor are entirely for the account of the tenant.

Traffic violations in Belgium or abroad must be paid for by the tenant.

Deviations from the “Rental Agreement” and the “Rental Conditions” only apply if they have been agreed in writing by the lessor and the tenant.


Renting the camper to can only be agreed personally between the tenant and the lessor.

The “Rental Agreement” is deemed to form a whole with the Rental Conditions”. Damage caused as a result of an incorrect statement or is representation of things by the tenant will be entirely at the expense of the tenant.

The documents related to the camper are delivered to the tenant at the start of the rental period. The start of the rental period proofs that the tenant has received the documents.


The camper is delivered to the tenant as follows:

  • inside and outside clean

  • full fuel tank

  • empty waste water tank

  • full clean water tank

  • clean fridge

The camper must be returned by the tenant in the same condition as when he received it. If the tenant does not meet the requirements set by the lessor, a cleaning fee of 40 € / hour plus an administrative cost of 50 € applies.

Smoking or keeping pets in the camper is not allowed. If this is violated, a minimum of € 500 will be charged and deducted from the deposit.


If upon collection it appears that parts of the inventory are not present, the replacement costs may be charged.

If it appears that the deposit paid is not sufficient for the payment of costs, replacement of inventory and any damage during the rental
period, or kilometers exceeded, the tenant will immediately hand over the surplus above the deposit to the lessor.

Should something occur that could have consequences for the next tenant, the tenant must immediately contact the lessor, so that action can
be taken to limit the disadvantages for the next tenant.

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